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"The best  recording studios in central Europe"

Why to record with the BSO?

"Best recording scoring studios in Central Europe"


Best recording studios in central Europe: 3 different studios and one concert hall for video productions

Best recording services

"Symphony orchestra, professional choir and chamber formations"


Professional and flexible recording formations

Full orchestra, choir and
The Bratislava Symphony Orchestra


the main orchestra: representative of the musical traditions of theBratislava city

The Bratislava Symphony Choir

from chamber to big choir

Chamber formations and solists


Strings quartet, wind quintets, soloists, singers, pop and jazz players

"Pre and postproduction, online recording services"


Best recording studios in central Europe: 3 different studios and one concert hall for video productions

Comprehensive recording services


Most modern recording equipement: microphones, preamps and convertos

Pre & Postproduction


Music preparation

Orchetration and copyst from MIDI

Editing, mixing and mastering

Music publishing

Remote recordings


Source connect in all the version: pro, now, live and standard

More than 900

"More than 900 reference recordings"


from all the musical styles: classical, film music, pop music, commercials and video games

Local recording team

"Local recording team, conductor and recording producer"


best knowlege of the local lenguage, local way of working and no contractor for the musicans and no midlemans

David Hernando Rico

David Hernando Rico - Conductor and recording producer

Martin Roller

Experience recording recording and mixing engineers in film, pop and classical music

"Easy traveling, excelent hotels and affordable city"


3 hours is enough to come to Bratislava

Easy traveling
Direct flights


to Vienna or Bratislava, only 3 hours from any main city in Europe. 

The transfer from the Vienna airport to Bratislava is only 45 minutes

Hotels with special prices


4 star hotels with specials prices for the BSO clients



Small big city. The main city of Slovakia offer all the services of one big city but very affordable



Bratislava Symphony Orchestra

Bratislava Music Productions,s.r.o.

Benediktiho 5

811 0r Bratislava 1


Tel: + 421 911795165

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