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Film "Tatu and Patu" with music composed by Miska and Juri Seppä and recorded by the BSO F

The Seppä brothers’ score is a brilliant example of how to make music for a children’s film with no condescending or going over the top. It is supremely balanced – very energized yet confidently relaxed in tone. It’s a score of true variety, with a sense of humour and dynamics worthy of a thriller. Miska and Juri Seppä, also known as The SEPPÄ BROTHERS are award-winning composers of music for Film, TV, Commercials and Games. They have been composing and playing music together since their childhood. Combining their innovative composing with the production and programming skills of Juri and arrangement and orchestration knowledge of Miska, they have already produced many successful works that showcase their unique style. After working together for numerous short films, in 2010 they collaborated in composing the score to Rare Exports, a fantasy/horror film about the original Santa Claus, for which they won the Jussi-award (Finnish oscars) for best score. In it’s review Variety wrote ”Unabashed orchestral sweep generally heard only in much bigger-budgeted pictures.” Rare Exports was also named for the Nordic Film Composers Awards (2011).

Their work in action/adventure film Big Game (olso recorded by the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra) starring Samuel L. Jackson was also nominated for Jussi-award. Featuring an epic orchestral score Big Game premiered at Toronto International Film Festival, for great reviews. It was released worldwide in 2015. Their latest orchestral-score is for a beautiful children’s film Kanelia kainaloon-Tatu& Patu. It was also nominated for Jussi-awards 2017. Starting In May 2018 you can hear Juris score in Nordic Noir tv-series, Deadwind.

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