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Arranging and recording classical music for the publishing group Santillana.

The BSO recorded some months ago music for a beautiful publishing project of Editorial Santillana, one of the biggest publishing groups in Spain and Latin America.

The classical pieces selected for their brand new textbooks were recorded by the BSO conducted by David Hernando Rico.

Previously the Orchestration, Arrangements and Copying Services of the BSO were working for months arranging and orchestrating all pieces.

We provided also the Score and Parts preparation, ensuring the best materials for the recording sessions in order to avoid unnecessary problems and saving precious recording time.

The recording sessions were then meticulously planned to fit the requirements of the orchestral instrumentation in each piece.

The postproduction was also realized by the BSO team, who edited and mixed accurately all the orchestral recordings.

It was a pleasure to work with the publishing team of Santillana during the whole process.

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